a freeze frame


Saturday, April 11, 2015

In which I recorded a short and awkward video

Realized I had the voice of a 5 years old, hoped my english was understandable and then went for it anyway.

Show Notes!

Works in Progress:
Elske socks from Pompom Quaterly Spring 2015
Waterlily from Pompom Quaterly Spring 2014
Mrs Weasley blanket

Finished Objects:
Vanilla ankle socks - made with Drop Fabel Print
Regn mittens - made with (Vi)laines Delicates

Stash Love:
Madeline Tosh Merino Light in the Shire colorway
Socks that Rock in the Fluemarket Find colorway.

You can find me on: Ravelry / Instagram / Youtube

Thank you for putting up with my weirdness <3
Thursday, April 9, 2015

1 PHOTO & 20 WORDS: the simple things

Flowers gathered by my nephew for: his mama, his grandma and his auntie. 
The simplest things are the most precious. 


Joining in with Abi from Creating Paper Dreams for One photo & Twenty words. 
Monday, April 6, 2015


A weekend love list: Moroccan mint tea / socks / pastries / meeting other crazy knitters like me / chatting about yarn for 4 hours / a new episode of Outlander / more sock knitting / JAMMF / a finished project / chocolate / reading stories to my nephew / a comfy handmade sweater / watching Cinderella on TV / singing along.

And here we are now, on a cold but sunny Monday morning. Hiding under a plaid, watching Harry Potter and you guessed it, knitting some more socks! That's me, on Monday :)

Joining with the lovely Sian today.
Friday, April 3, 2015

A YEAR OF SOCKS: blues and pinks

This is most definitely the year of socks. I think I'm already onto my 4th pair this year, and my 7th total. What can I say, socks are the best. And between patterns, heel techniques, toe up vs cuff down… the possibilities are endless. For my two most recent ones, I tried a few different things. And, spoiler alert: I love them both!

First is my first self-stripping pair! Isn't that yarn gorgeous? It's Drops Fabel long print in the Rose Mist colorway. Since the colors were so soft and pastel I decided to punch it out a bit by using my favorite sock pattern: Hermione's everyday socks. Which yes is the pattern I used for my first ever pair of socks (remember?). I did them cuff down and slightly longer that the first pair so I can wear them with boots for instance. I also changed the heel because I'm not super into the heel flap and gusset technique and I wanted to protect my stripe sequence. So I used a modified version of the afterthought heel, using P3tog instead of the usual ssk + K2tog combo. You can see what my heel looks like on my project page on Ravelry if you're curious :) Love them! I bought a whole lot of Drops sock yarn in March because they were having a sale, I love the yarn and it's super cheap (like 4€ for a pair of socks cheap).

My second pair is Irish Oats by Cabinfour and unlike most sock patterns calls for Sport weight yarn instead of fingering. Which is awesome if you want winter / very cozy socks and bonus point: they knit up faster! The yarn I used is some Regia Fashion that I actually found on Amazon! The pattern can look a bit impressive with its cables and texture panel but is actually a pleasure to knit and super simple to memorize! 
I made them toe up (the pattern is written for cuff down but easy to adapt to your style). I just adore the look of toes when made toe up! I just haven't found a bind off that I like half as much as my twisted german cast on for cuff down so I just switch from one style to the other. 

What's your take on cuff down vs toe up?

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


loving a new library I discovered in Paris, Galignan. Super old and beautiful <3
thinking about babies, as one does when 5 people in a row tell you they're expecting (so much baby knitting to plan <3)
eating peanut butter for the first time. and now browsing recipes on Pinterest, as one does.
wondering what the leaves are waiting for! wanna see some green!
listening to Smoke + Mirrors, Imagine Dragons' new album. So far, Warriors, Dreams and Thief are my fave.
enjoying playing video games lately. I've missed it.
making progress on my sock yarn blanket thanks to some lovely mini skeins I got in the mail (mail is the best!). wanna trade?
struggling with sleep.
feeling like recording a video. maybe.
dreaming of dresses! Bought a few patterns and now on the hunt for pretty fabrics!
finding it very very hard not to buy all the yarn.
celebrating meeting knitters that live super close by. Knit nights are happening <3
watching House of cards season 3! And Outlander is returning in just a few days!