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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Joining in with Ginny for the Yarn along. 
I love to read. I love to knit. Here's a little bit about both.

On my needles right now: It's a green and blue kind of Fall over here. First Molly released her first shawl pattern called Whispering Pines and I knew i wanted to knit it in a dark Forest green right away (yarn on the left in the basket). Then my sister asked a scarf and hat for Christmas and we chose a peacock and azulean mix of blue yarns. Then I found the prettiest emerald green in one of my LYS (that will make cute socks I think). And so here you have it: a blue basket full of yarn :)

Speaking of socks, I finished my first one!!! SO much to say about it but it will have to wait until the second one is knitted for a post of its own. But here's a picture of the first finished one :)
I love it!

On my Kindle: The Outlander series!! I am obsessed you guys, those books are so good! I heard about the TV show just before it started a few weeks ago, watched a couple of episodes and just knew I needed the books. There's adventure, romance, action, history, a strong main female character, a hot guy, a bad guy, scottish accents. Basically everything you need to make a great story. I raced through book 1 (who needs sleep right?) and just started book 2 last night. So, so good!

So, what are you working on?

PS: I made a Knitter's wishlist Monday, and I'm always looking for cute yarn made by awesome people, so feel free to share your suggestions!
Monday, September 15, 2014


You guys, shopping for knitting supplies is the best. everything is so squishy and colorful! Here's a few of my current favorites (it's never to early for a Christmas list right?)

1// Knitting Project Bag. I need them all!

2//Uncommon Thread Tough Sock. Kind of too expensive for me at the moment, but those colors!!! and the quality is amazing!

3// Doctor Who Tardis Knitting Needle Gauge! Of course I need it!!

4// Oh Loops yarn - they even have a special Harry Potter collection!

5// The Brooklyn Tweet Fall 2014 collection. That yellow sweater is called Docklight and is most definitely going on my Ravelry queue!

So, what have you guys recently spotted on Etsy or Ravelry?
Wednesday, September 10, 2014


sock knitting an adventure

"I'm going on an adventure", said Bilbo, dreaming of mountains and dragons. 
My adventure is quite different, yet as scary. 
Let's try and knit socks! 


Joining in with Abi over at Creating Paper Dreams for A photo & 20 words. Sort of a day late, but let's ignore that fact. Also, her blog is awesome.
Monday, September 8, 2014


Pinecone & Mulberry is a very lovely hat I test knitted for Melody. I first thought I would use Brooklyn Tweed Shetler yarn but really did not like the stitch definition on the central panel (i'm thinking it's more of a cable style knitting). So I went through my stash and picked my Malabrigo worsted yarn in the Frank Ochre colorway (yellow mustard for the win!). It's actually the same yarn I knit the friendship scarf with! I just love the quality of it and the colors are all super rich. Definitely a big fan of the brand, I'm planning on trying their fingering weight pretty soon!

The pattern is super simple, mostly garter stitch with a very elegant stitch pattern in the middle. I just love it and seriously can't wait for the weather to get a bit more cold just so I can wear it! 

You can check out the pattern and the other versions made by the test knitters on Ravelry!
Friday, September 5, 2014


I love my iPhone, I love taking photos so it really is no big surprise that I love photo apps I guess. A LOT of the photos that I share here are taken with my phone, like Playing tourist in Paris, all 100 photos taken during my 100 Happy Days challenge or even most of the photos from 1 photo & 20 words. So I'd thought I'd take 5 minutes to talk about my all time favorite photo apps.

PIC TAP GO. is just the best photo app ever. It was developed by Totally Rad, the awesome company who is also behind RadLab, which is a Photoshop/Lightroom… plugin that I use to edit all of my DSLR photos. I talked about it before here and here. PicTapGo is basically RadLab but for iPhone. Which is really cool because it means i can give all of my photos the same look and feel. The filters I use the most are: Light On, Crispity, Shadows, Auto Contrast Mason and Skinny Jeans. The B&W filters are pretty cool too! 99% of my Instagram photos I first edit with the app, it's just the best. 

INSTAGRAM. Should I mention Instagram? I love it. I "met" so many cool people through it, I get inspired every day there and it's just awesome! I'm @alinor89 over there, feel free to share your profile name in case I'm not following you already :)

CAMERA +. I mostly use that app to take my photos because they have that cool feature that lets you set up your exposure and focus separately, which is, you know, really cool! 

ABM. From the cool ladies behind A Beautiful Mess. It's a fun, festive, colorful app awesome to either make collages or add doodles and text to your photos. I definitely don't use it every day, but it's still really cool!

VSCOcam. It used to be my main editing app before PicTapGo was launched. It's really clean and well designed and the VSCOcam community is awesome and inspiring. Also it's a free app (as opposed to PicTapGo) which is awesome considering its quality