Sunday, January 3, 2016

love. love. love.

(There is only one way to correctly read this post's title and it's this one!) 

One teeny tiny little word. that can mean the whole world.
Two years ago I decided to spend 364 days focusing on happiness. And I must say 2013 was indeed a pretty happy one! A year ago, I figured it was all about trying to be brave. It's now January 2nd, a year has passed and I feel like if I have learnt only one thing in this time, it is that we all are brave enough, despite what society, people or the little voice in our head tells us. So here I find myself, a new year has started and I look for a new word. A word to guide me, to inspire me and to challenge me. It might sound silly, but nothing quite scares me as much as love. I very rarely let myself fall in love, and even more rarely let someone in to my heart and life. Yet was it this life about if not love. And I'm not just talking about the big one, but also friends, and family, and the most challenging of all sometimes: loving oneself. So let's give this a try, and see where it takes me. Some place lovely hopefully ;)

Happy new year everyone <3

We were together. I forgot the rest. 
Walt Whitman


  1. Wishing you lots of joy and love in all kinds of ways in 2016 :).

  2. happy new year! hope this year brings you lots of love :)